Facilities & Directions

We'll be pleased to welcome your visit to our warm and comfortable funeral home. Currently Marc F. Burr Funeral Service is located inside Potti Funeral Home in Painesville, OH. This means we operate as a full service funeral home while sharing the fixed cost of building ownership with another funeral home. Although we assist each other, our service offerings are unique to each funeral home. We have used and will continue to use various area funeral homes when a family requests. A few of the funeral homes we have used include DeJohn Funeral Home (Chardon, OH), Russel-Sly Funeral Home (Middlefield, OH) and Dovin & Reber Jones Funeral Home (Amherst, OH). What does this mean for you? Simply put, we will honor your every wish. 

Recently, Marc and Eric have been updating all of the funeral home buildings and have made some amazing positive changes. Please call the funeral home to schedule an time to come see our warm and comforting facilities. 440-682-0907